Unlimited 4G LTE Internet from Home or Travel

In my line of work, i get many internet provider questions becouse many of my customers are in rural locations. What are my internet options? and How much is it going to cost me? There are several options but from my experiance with most of them only one option has truly worked and its price it great!

I have been a customer,or I should say contributor, for over 3 years with a organization named Calyx Institute. I won’t get into detail on the workings of this organiation but you can read more about them here. When you donate to them they provide you with 4G LTE service with T-Mobile/Sprint through a mobile hotspot. I choose to contribute at Contributor level and end up paying 41 dollars a month when buying service yearly. That price point is extreamly affortable for unlimited, unthrottled 4G LTE internet. I am not affiliated with Calyx nor do i get any kickbacks for referals I just dont like to see individuals get overcharged for service or go without internet due to location. If you are interested use the link below to get started.



** My company doesnt provide Calyx support for services or equipment but does provide setup services at an hourly charge if needed. Ensure you are covered by T-mobile/Sprint coverage before purchase.**

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