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Brimstone Firearms Instruction
Business Name: Brimstone Firearms Instruction Location: Alto, Michigan Technical Highlights: Event Booking/Ticketing System Website url:
Postpartum Mommy
Business Name: Postpartum Mommy Location: Ionia, Michigan Technical Highlights: Personal Blog Website Website url:
Whites RV Rental
Business Name: Whites RV Rental Location: Fenwick, Michigan Technical Highlights: Online Rental Booking System Website url:
Joe’s Market
Business Name: Joe's Market Location: Palo, Michigan Technical Highlights: Online food ordering system, automatic order invoice printing on-site, order notification system. Website url:
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year from PJM Designs! Lets make 2020 a great year.
WP Security Vulnerability
Sucuri Security, recently shared a blog post about a vulnerability that they found in the WP Statistics plugin! If you use this plugin, we HIGHLY recommend that you run updates as quickly as possible. If you have any questions I can help. Read Sucuri Blog Post
Interesting history
Happy Thursday! Here's some interesting history around the first .com domain name! was purchased 34 years ago on March 15, 1985 and is the first official .com domain that was purchased. Do you have a .com domain name? If so, share it with us in the comments below!
WordPress Dictionary: The Beginner’s Glossary to Get Started
WordPress Dictionary: The Beginner’s Glossary to Get Started New to WordPress? All of the industry jargon and techy speak can be confusing if you don’t have a background in web design. To help ease beginners into the swing of things, WPBeginner launched a glossary back in 2013. It’s filled with commonly used phrases and terms that [...]
Create a New Booking
This video will explain how to create a new booking. [ut_video_player maxwidth="60" caption_font_weight="bold" icon_pulsate="on" url="" poster="1111"]
Add New Users
This video will explain how to add new users to your website. [ut_video_player maxwidth="60" caption_font_weight="bold" icon_pulsate="on" url="" poster="1108"]