4G/5G LTE Internet

We offer 4G/5G LTE Internet for Home, Businesses, Cabin, RV, or Shop. This service is a true unlimited service, NO DATA CAP. The service is through T-Mobile. There are several hotspot options along with custom-built options for home and business.

Hotspot Models

All mobile hotspots come with unlimited 4G or 5G internet connectivity on the T-Mobile network in the US and Puerto Rico (for as long as your membership is active).

MiFi M2000 – 5G Hotspot
Released in December 2020, the MiFi M2000 supports 5G connectivity, an internal 4×4 MIMO antenna, Advanced Carrier Aggregation (on band 7), USB tethering, and can be used as a battery bank. The M2000 does not have external antenna ports or work without the battery in place.
Quanta 5G

Released in June 2022, the Quanta 5G Hotspot for T-Mobile supports 5G connectivity, Wi-Fi 6, an internal 4×4 MIMO antenna, and Advanced Carrier Aggregation.

Franklin T10 – 4G Hotspot
The Franklin T10 is a small lightweight mobile hotspot that supports all possible T-Mobile bands.
Mifi X PRO 5G Hotspot
Released in November 2022, the Mifi X PRO 5G hotspot supports 5G connectivity, SRS Antenna Switching and 5G carrier aggregation (NRCA). It offers a 1 Gbps Ethernet port, USB-C port and Wi-Fi 6. The all-new proprietary battery preservation mode enables 24×7 use cases with AC power.